Driver Of The Week – Round 10

After a round with many ups and downs, one man stood above everyone and is now (again) Division 1 champion and got voted for Driver Of The Week! Of course, we are talking about DTR_Shaby2K! Here’s what he had to say:

Shaby, congratulations on your title and driver of the week.
Pole position and a victory. Nothing new for you but still a great achievement as you’ve managed to pull off your 5th win in the season. Talk us through the qualifying and race please.

Japan used to be my fastest track as i had a few top 10 TT times in the leaderboard previous games, so i knew that i’m quick. It’s a harder track to overtake so i knew i needed pole. I had a great qualifying without any mistakes, did 3 valid laps which were all good enough to get pole. For the race start i lost P1 to Lynxx who had a perfect start. It’s a hard track to overtake so i saved up ERS and regained position. Kept P1 all the way till a late SC. with 2 laps to go i decided to stay out on old mediums while the rest went on fresh softs. Still managed to get P1 but lost the fastest lap obviously to fresh softs, still gutted as it would have been a hattrick 🤣

The start of the season wasn’t the best. After the first 4 races it didn’t look like you could challenge for the title but after that, you’ve won 4 races in a row and now you are already champion with two races to go. What changes do you made or did races just go your way after that?

First 4 races i got very unlucky and the soundbug didn’t really help as my ears were bleeding during every race. Suddenly had the opportunity to race on a PS5 and PC and basically won every race on there, Now i’m back on the PS4 but luckily the soundbug is now gone

You already have several championships on your name. Do you expect winning the championship every season or is it a new challenge every campaign?

I always expect fighting for a championship and never give up until the season is actually over. It’s always a challenge and not easy to win a championship. You can be the quickest but still not win it. Having experience helps with that.

Races can get very hectic and chaotic. Do you usually stay calm during races?

I love these moments, i’m always calm and it’s weird to say it but i love pressure. It motivates me and makes me go quicker and i know it sounds weird.

Since when are you doing league racing or play F1 games in general? Do you play other racing sim games as well?

First game i played was F1 Grand Prix (2005) but started doing league racing around 5 years ago. F1 is the only sim racing game i actively play.

What do you do in your time besides driving in F1?

I work a full-time job in an insurance company. Besides that i can be found outside often with friends etc. But gaming related i do play other games such as Fifa, Geoguessr, Nba and Counter Strike.

Shaby, thank you very much for your time, all the best for the remaining two races and good luck for the future!


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