Driver Of The Week – Round 8

After 6 intense races around Spa-Franchorchamps in Belgium there could only be one Driver Of The Week! And this week it is “Mr. Consistency” nathanial_perrin! Here’s what he had to say:

Nathanial, congratulations on becoming Driver Of The Week!
You started in P8, kept a cool head during the race and managed to pull off the win. Talk us through your qualifying and race.

The race was an interesting one for sure, my qualifying wasn’t ideal, I felt a had a lot more time on the table, but I just didn’t get a good lap in. Starting p8 and not having a lot to lose I took a risk and started on the hard tyres. The strategy was going well until there was a safety car on lap 7/8, which worked out really well for all other drivers except me. I took another risk and pitted for the mediums, with the hope they could take me to the end. I was then stuck in a really intense battle with the alpine and alpha Tauri, but the mediums kept me close with them. Another safety car at the end allowed me to pit on to the softs and I just had to keep close to the cars infront as they had penalties. It was a really fun race, I lost the win in the end, but it was one of my best races for sure.

You are known for your consistency. What is your secret as races can get very chaotic?

The way I race I prefer to drive safe and at a slightly slower pace rather than running any unnecessary risks. It’s important not to get into silly fights, especially with drivers that you can’t trust. I also try to save my ers and tyres so I can push 100% if I need to.

Since when are you doing league / sim racing or play F1 games in general?

I started racing games on f1 2013 on my controller. I never really got into the f1 games until f1 2021 when I bought a wheel, and I started league racing.

What do you do in your time besides driving in F1?

Im honestly pretty busy outside of league racing. I’m in my last year of school in sixth form, and I’m doing the hardest qualification possible for my age. But if I have any free time I normally spend it with my mates, playing Football Manger, Fifa, watching football and f1 etc.

Nathanial, thank you very much for your time. We wish you all the best for the remainder of the season and good luck for your next race!


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