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Here at Delta T Racing, we have built and developed a community focussed around motorsport.

Whether you have an interest in Formula 1, DTM, GT Endurance, Moto GP, we have created a space for all to enjoy in their passions.

Having been created by a team of experienced Sim Racers and League Organisers, we’re committed to providing a one stop shop for the entire SimRacing community.

We have organised league racing complete with set rules and regulations upheld by a stewards panel. We livestream our races and provide track guides and setup information for all members, whether league racing or not.

We also have an active Motorsport forum with live feeds showing race information, updated news in between races.

Visit our league page to view our current and historical leagues or sign up to our sim racing league via our Discord.

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Round 10 Review (S9)

By Bogarovski | May 11, 2024 |
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Great Britain Division 1 The last race of the season on the track where it all started for Formula 1, Silverstone. The season finale with a title still to be decided. In theory three drivers…

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Round 9 Review (S9)

By Bogarovski | May 3, 2024 |
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Las VegasDivision 1After 3 years and 9 seasons DTR F1 for the first time ever have an official Grand Prix at the Las Vegas circuit. A track with long long straights and a few slow…

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Round 8 Review (S9)

By Bogarovski | Apr 26, 2024 |
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Brazil Division 1 You know the story of Division 1 by now, right. We will have a Greek front row, Nellboy starting last and a podium of Nellboy, Benibunno and Evan, while the front row…

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Round 7 Review (S9)

By Bogarovski | Apr 22, 2024 |
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Japan With just 4 races to go in the championship those who are aiming for the title need to stand up now. There’s no more time for mistakes, big points need to be scored now…

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The luck of a champion

By Bogarovski | Aug 20, 2021 |

Just one more week before the F1 battle continues. The battle between Hamilton and Verstappen, Mercedes and Red Bull. The fight will continue at the beautiful circuit of Spa-Francorchamps before we go to Verstappen-land at…

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By Bogarovski | Aug 4, 2021 |

After the last two races in F1 gave everyone enough to talk about, from incidents on track to Esteban Ocon’s first win in Formula 1, the summer break has started and that’s usually a time…

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The battle continues

By Bogarovski | Jul 26, 2021 |

This time i will be talking Formula 1. Max vs Lewis. Red Bull vs Mercedes. After the clash between these two giants in Silverstone, Formula 1 will continue with round 11 of the World Championship.…

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100 Days of DTR

By Bogarovski | Jul 25, 2021 |

The beginning After two years of online league racing and one and a half year of organising I decided it was time for a change. To do it differently. To do it my way. But…

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