The beginning

After two years of online league racing and one and a half year of organising I decided it was time for a change. To do it differently. To do it my way. But what was this way? And how am I going to start? After others heard I wanted something different, many opportunities came up. I got offered several partnerships, even got offered to run an F1 department from a well known simracing league. However I wanted to do it my way and running someone else’s league wasn’t really my way. A pretty unexpected offer came from someone who was in the same league I was in. The offer surprised me as we never talked about it. We quickly found out we were on the same page, shared the same philosophy and wanted to go the same direction, short and long term. A partnership between Bog and Ennz was born and on April 17 we came up with the name Delta T Racing and started building. Starting with a discord and step for step adding what we needed to reach our first goal: Be race ready when the new F1 game releases mid July. 


Our motto when we started and will always be: Be an open and welcome community for everyone and help others improve and make sure they enjoy their time and have fun together.

During my time in other simracing leagues I made many friends and quite a few of them wanted to join our new community and help out. One of the first to join where Blaackmamba, Shaby, Nellboy, Bruma and Brent who were all eager to help out. And thankfully they did, because there was loads of work to do! We needed a website, a steward system, files for results and rankings, a social media presence and so much more. After the first month a few more of our friends joined and we had a group of 22 people. It stayed basically the same the next month as we were not officially opening yet as everything was still being built. It was however time to test our features so we decided to do a short Alpha season on the F1 2020 game. Being the insanely fast driver as he is, Shaby went into the record books as the first (unofficial) DTR Champion, while Nellboy and Chalkerz ran away with the constructors trophy.

The launch

After a few more friends joined at the end of June it was time to officially launch our website, start advertising on social media and spreading the word: DTR is ready to race! We quickly tripled the number of members within a month, with the biggest growth spurt after the release of F1 2021. Meanwhile we kept working with our main team of Bog, Ennz, Nellboy, Shaby and Blaackmamba on our features and have created an automated steward bot system, automated results and rankings on both discord and website, have a very good looking statistics card and started our F1 season awards. With preseason now in full swing we will start our first official F1 season on August 2nd and we will have racing tiers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on PlayStation. Plus we will have a development/test tier on Thursday. We are ready to race and bring you a fun experience!

The future

Okay so now after the first 100 days of DTR we’re live and we’re going to race. First big goal is achieved. What’s next? Well much more is to be next! F1 on PlayStation will only become bigger and bigger. We aim to keep growing and have a few more racing tiers by the end of the year and will keep building and improving. But we won’t just be racing on PlayStation, we’re going to race on PC too! We already have a group that enjoys iRacing and ACC and we will be organising league racing on both games as well as F1 in the near future. Apart from all that we will also open up a shop for everything that comes along with simracing and will also be organising competitions for other online games.

We will entertain you!


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