The battle continues

This time i will be talking Formula 1. Max vs Lewis. Red Bull vs Mercedes.

After the clash between these two giants in Silverstone, Formula 1 will continue with round 11 of the World Championship. Stakes are getting higher and after the collision tensions are high. Max isn’t the type of driver who leaves more room for his opponent next time, he’ll just make sure the other driver will have no chance to hit him in a way that only Max goes off. It will be either both on, or both off. He will leave no room for another one sided crash. Lewis however, will not want to hit his opponent again. He doesn’t want to be seen as a dirty driver, but does know he needs to be ahead of Max in round 1. Will Lewis take more care now or will he back out next time to prevent another incident. Neither driver is close to having 12 penalty points on their F1 license, so that won’t play any part. As a fan of Formula 1 i will be holding my breath during lap 1 if these are giants are close to each other. Let’s face it, isn’t these seeing these two drivers battling for the championship together the best thing that could happen to F1? We’ve had many boring seasons where we basically knew after 1 round that Lewis and Mercedes would win it. Apart from the occasional race where Ferrari or Red Bull could fight them for a win, we haven’t seen a real fight for many years. Bottas is a quick driver and his qualifying is pretty good, but when it really matters Hamilton is able to step it up a notch. So for the first time in a long time, there’s a real fight going on.

What to expect at the Hungaroring? Now that we return to a normal qualifying session it’s probably going to be a battle between 3 drivers; Max, Lewis and Valtteri with Lando and the Ferrari’s and Perez fighting for p4. Gasly is showing good form all year and, Ricciardo should be able to get his McLaren in the top 10, while Russell is constantly outperforming his Williams in qualifying which should conclude the Q3 drivers. Even though Russell reached Q3 twice recently, he wasn’t able to turn that into point finishes. My first prediction is that this will be the race where George scores his first ever points for Williams. On the tight track it’s very hard to overtake which should work in his favor.

When looking at the top, i read several stories that Red Bull is always strong on this track. However, it’s Lewis Hamilton who has 7 wins on his name. Yes i know Max scored his first ever pole position here two years ago and the Red Bull is this year stronger than in previous years, but as we’ve seen in Silverstone, never ever think you’ve beaten Lewis. My prediction for the race: Max takes revenge and wins ahead of Lewis, with Lando completing the podium.

Most of all i want to see these two giants battle it out on track and don’t end up in the wall. Given that the season is now half way each point or mistake is going to massive for either of them. Do i think they will collide again this season? Yes i do. Maybe even more then once. Not because they want to play dirty tricks, or hurt the other. No, because they are both great champions who don’t want to lose and will do anything to win. If they have to close the door or take a risk to be in the lead of the championship again, they will do so. And if two of those two phenomenal drivers keep battling side by side each race it’s just a matter of time before both their cars will have contact with each other. The very best scenario is that both drivers are equal to each other on points when we arrive in Abu Dhabi for the final showdown. One last battle for the ultimate prize. If that happens it means that before that we will have seen some hard battles, some DNF’s, possible unexpected winners in races and an intense fight for the trophy. So whoever wins the championship this season, we are all winners as this is possible the best F1 season we’ve had in many years.

What do you think will happen in Hungary and the rest of the season? Let me know in the comments.


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