Driver Of The Week – Round 7

Round 7 took us to Silverstone where we had many exiting races across all divisions. Dutch driver Milodeheld won the sprint race, finished P3 in the feature race and was voted for Driver Of The Week. We talked with him and here’s what he to say:

Milo, congratulations on becoming Driver Of The Week for round 7!
You finished 5th in the qualifing, won the sprint race and came home 3rd in the feature race. Please talk us through your performance.

After a decent qualifying i had a good start and won one position. After some mistakes from the drivers in front and the top 2 had some time penalties it was my goal to finish the race without any penalties to take first place in the sprint race. After i won the previous sprint race, i wanted to make it 100% win in sprint races so far. The race went pretty good, i had no ambition to win it because i knew the alfa romeo’s were faster then me. But then i had the pace to come in p2. Unfortunately i made a mistake in the last lap with track limits wich cost me P2.

You are now in P4, just 4 points behind third place in the championship. Is it your main target now to get that P3?

If you have said that i would be fighting for a top 3 in the championship in the beginning of this season i would have laughed at it. But consistincy seems to be key here. I dont think i will grab p3 though. Have a holiday planned in october and i will miss 2 races because of that.

In the constructors, you and your teammate Ralph are currently in P2. Was P2 your target for the season or did you think you even can fight for the title?

I know Ralph in real life, because of league racing. I think P2 is a good aim for this season. Off course we want to win the constructors, but the alfa’s are simply faster then us.

It seemed like you kept a cool head in Silverstone. Are you usually a calm and collected driver or does the pressure and emotions hit you sometimes?

A wise guy learned me that if you dont get any penalties, you are very likely to get high finishes. When i started league racing it was all about pushing to the max and that often led to much penalties (10+ seconds every race). That compromises your race so much that i had to change something in the driving style. Now i’m more looking in the situations i’m in during the race. Is somebody way quicker closing in fast? Then i often wont defend if my live depends on it. Focusing on your own race, dont make any mistakes and dont get too much penalties. Thats how i go in every race. But pressure is always there, like it was in Silverstone. I made an error, had the last track limit warning and lost a potentally p2.

Since when are you doing league / sim racing or play F1 games in general?

I started League Racing when Covid hit the world. Everything closed around you and was looking for a new hobby. I always played F1 on the pad, but then i made a move to a playseat and a wheel. But just doing to carreer mode was a bit boring, so i looked for a new way to race online. Then i got into league racing and eventually ended up with DTR.

What do you do in your time besides driving in F1?

Besides gaming, all of my time whats left goes into sports. When the summer hits i compete in triathlon competitions in The Netherlands. So all my time goes into training for the upcoming season. Fortunately the season just ended and i have some time to recover. But i never stop with training for the new season with starts around june.

Milo, thank you very much for taking the time. We wish you good luck for the remainder of the season and the fight for P3 in the championship.


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