Driver Of The Week – Season 5 – Round 2 – Relliott44607

Round 2 of season 5 actually got us a tied vote for driver of the week and that means two winners. First we start with Relliott44607, and for insiders it’s Rick.

– You qualified on pole for the first time and managed to finish on the podium (p3) in the race. Talk us through your qualifying and race please.

China has always been one of my better tracks on previous F1 games, but I was never expecting a first ever DTR pole position so was delighted with it. The race I had an awful start and dropped to p3 into turn 1, but had good pace and kept up with the leaders but as I was so focused on keeping up with them I didn’t realise my fuel was low so last corner I went into low fuel mode and went from 2nd to 3rd but still a great night for me.

– How do you prepare for a league race?

I start on time trial for a good hour to learn the track and then try to fit in a 50% race with AI. I also try to reserve in div 3 and use that as practice, finally right before the race I’ll do a quick TT and a qualy with my team mate and brother gooner.

– Tell us your strenghts and the things you look to improve in racing

I would say my strengths atm is qualifying I really need to improve on the first 2 – 3 laps of a race as I’m always dropping places.

– During a race, are you nervous or do you stay calm all the time?

Ask Gooner! first 2-3 laps I’m an absolute wreck fearing damage or causing damage to others (has been known). Once I’m in a rythym I’m fine and focused.

– Have you ever been to a F1 Grand Prix in real life?

Nope never that’s a dream for me atm but it’s definitely on the cards one day, having 3 kids and trying to plan a wedding makes it difficult.

– Do you have other hobbies despite racing in F1?

I enjoy playing snooker/pool, watching & playing football, spending time with the kids and gaming

– Can you show the rest of DTR what your racing room looks like?


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