Driver Of The Week – Season 5 – Round 2B – Hanslbua

Last week gave us a tied vote, so that means two interviews. First we had Relliott and now we had a chat with Hansl, who is stil fairly new at DTR, but already made his mark with a win in Division 0 in Belgium and a win in China at Division 5, what gave him the driver of the week title.

– You qualified on pole and managed to win the race. Talk us through your qualifying and race.

Well, the Quali and Race was quite perfect. I finished the quali on p1 with using just two sets of softs (to have a soft left for the race for a late sc). Connor was on P2 and Krznicov hat a quali ban. So that was the things i have to look for. In the Race everything worked well planned. I didn’t run out of fuel. i got a good gap between me and connor, no mistakes during the race, no time penalties. It was quite a perfect evening for me.

– How do you prepare for a league race?

I start preparing at the end oft the last race, so that i have enough time to train. I am using youtube for hotlap and race line suggestions. after that i start trying that in tt with my setup. when i feel confident, i start a hidden lobby for me for trying the setup in qualifing and race, to see how the setup is working in “real” conditions. and one of my new stuff i prepare is the pit entry, because i am often too fast on pit entry.

– Tell us your strenghts and the things you look to improve in racing.

I think i am quite willing to learn. so i am trying to get away from the assists, to get faster. for that i am working a lot with jug, who helps me to get faster.

– During a race, are you nervous or do you stay calm all the time?

Well, it depends on the situations in the race. In this d0 race, which i won in last round because of the time penalty of the leading driver, my pulse went a bit high not making any mistakes to finish the race. in the last race in d5 in china i was quite calm because there wasn’t any fights. after all its just a game and its just fun. but at the end you also want to have a great result.

– Have you ever been to a F1 Grand Prix in real life?

Yeah. it was a long time ago on austrian grand prix. i think in 2002 (i have to check the ticket, which i still have). with coulthard, michael schuhmacher, häkkinen and so on. it was fun.

– Do you have other hobbies despite racing in F1?

Yeah. i play and watch soccer. Especially the premier league. its for me the best league of the world. And beside the sports and e-sports stuff i am an app/software developer.

– Can you show the rest of DTR how your racing room looks like?

Well nothing special. i am in the livingroom with my big tv. in front of it i have my racing seat with the trusthmaster wheel and pedals. my seat can be moved to the storage room, if i dont need it.


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