Driver Of The Week – Season 5 – Round 3 – NoJug

– Your first discord / PSN name here was NoJugNoProblem. Please tell us what does that mean and what is your real name?

My real name is Mackie Marquis. The origin of NoJugNoProblem came from when I used to play a lot of call of duty zombies back in the day and this was the name I used. When I joined DTR everyone came to know me as NoJug so I figured I’d keep the name!

– Now that we know your name, where are you from and what do you do in life and what are your goals?

I was born and raised on the east coast of Canada! My hobbies are mostly playing F1 and music production but the main goal I am working towards in life right now is to become a conductor for the Canadian National Railway!

– You came into our community over a year ago and started off in Division 5 as someone who was near last in the field. Since then things have changed you could say, as you are now a Division 1 driver, scored a Pole Position there and finished on the podium, but have also won a few races in Division 0. Can you tell us what happened? What made you improve from not even being top 100, to fighting with the very best?

When the game released this year I immediately began to devote hundreds of hours to practice, this has helped me a lot with my consistency and speed in races. I have also had a lot of help from individuals inside and outside of DTR with my mental game, learning to setup the car towards my driving style, and overall how to approach each track practice wise to prepare myself as much as possible for league races!

– In your first season in DTR you immediately teamed up with Dylan (Dymx) and you’ve been teammates ever since. Did you guys know each other before DTR or was teaming up a coincidence?

Dymx was actually the first teammate I’ve ever had in the league racing scene being teamed up with him through a random pick by the Division 5 coordinator! We found very quickly that we work very well together on and off the track, but I think the biggest thing was being tossed into D1 straight from D5 this formed a bond between us through our shared fear of what we had gotten ourselves into!

– How did you even end up at DTR in the first place?

My first formula one game was F1 2021 I purchased it in august but had become unsatisfied with driving against the AI by October. I then found out about league racing through watching Jarno Opmeer on YouTube and DTR was the first server I joined! Ever since I’ve joined DTR it has been my main league because of its impressive structure and welcoming atmosphere!

– What are your F1 goals for this season?

This season I would like to continue to improve my pace, consistency and the strategic element of my game! Sitting in third in the constructors and drivers championship is a great motivator but there is much more work to be done as I know I am far from being a complete driver!

– Have you even been to an F1 Grand Prix?

Yes, I attended my first formula 1 Grand Prix in June of 2022 in Montreal, Canada! Hearing and seeing the cars up close was incredible and I still get goose bumps when I think about it! Also to see the drivers in real life was unspeakably cool! This experience has sucked me into the sport beyond what I ever could have imagined!

– What is your favourite food?

Avocado, hands down!

– Who’s your biggest crush?

Dua Lipa

– What can we wake you up for in the middle of the night?

To tell me Nicholas Latifi won a championship

– Have you met any DTR members in real life?

Sadly being across the Atlantic from most of the league I haven’t had the chance to meet anyone yet, hopefully something can be arranged in the future though! There is however an urban legend that dymx lives just down the street from me making him a “Canadian citizen” but this will have to stay a legend for now.

– What did you get for Christmas?

I received some clothes and a little Red Bull Racing gear, but the real key to a successful Christmas is the acquiring of socks and underwear!

– Have you got a message for everyone else? or something to add?

I’d just like to thank everyone for this DOTW opportunity and for creating such a great environment within DTR! Would also like to say thanks to The DTR staff and Esports team for the support in my racing through the last year! Hoping there’s lots more fun to come! #DOGarovski


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