Driver of the Week Interview, Week 5 – Ranttsi

First things first, we all know you from around the server as you regularly race Division 4, 1 and 0. But we would all like to know, where did you get your PSN from?

It is my last name, wanted to just keep it simple.

Wherabouts in the world do you come from?

I am from Finland, you know that cold place.

Currently you have a commanding lead in Division 4, how do you handle the pressure going forward knowing you are in a commanding position?

Just want to keep doing same job and enjoy racing, I want to always win so I try to do that many times as possible.

What are your goals moving forward in DTR?

I would like to get a seat in Division 1 next season.

Have you ever been to a grand prix in real life?

No sadly not.

What is your favourite restaurant to eat at?

I like to eat pizza in milan maikkula.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Mervi Kallio

Did you make any new years resolutions and if so how are they going?

Spend more time with my friends.

Thank you and good luck for the rest of the season.

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