A New Dawn – Driver of the Week Season 7 Race week 1

With season 7 kicked off within DTR, the new season brings along new competitors and moments with each story being woven between the white lines of a race track. This opening week was no different, with 4 drivers from each of our divisions being nominated on stream for the first Driver of the Week award. I had a chance to interview our first winner and get some insights on his race, upcoming expectations and learn a little bit more about him.

So to start of, how about you give us your name, age and tell us a little bit about yourself?

So lads, you all know me as ASC aka the cause of the VSC. My actual name is Aj, I’m 16 years of age and this is my first season back racing in DTR since around this time last year.

Whereabouts in the world are you from and what got you into motorsport in the first place?

I’m from England (WHEEYYY), In terms of getting into motorsport it was my brother. Ever since I was younger my family have all been obsessed with motorsports but it was mainly my brother who introduced me to F1 with Lewis Hamilton. I think I was maybe 3 or 4 at the time and he was racing at McLaren in the legendary chromo Vodafone mobile.

Who would you say is your favourite current driver and team on the grid?

For sure my favourite team on the grid has to be McLaren, with Lewis Hamilton being not only my current favourite driver but my favourite driver of all time.

What do you consider the best moment in F1 that you can remember?

Has to be all of the 2021 Brazil Weekend.

Moving on from the real F1 and to (Arguably more important) the DTR league, How does it feel winning your first race in DTR?

Amazing, it’s something that was inevitable once you started to put time and effort into the game. It just felt surreal due to my former experiences of finishing 1 in every 10 races.

After not racing for so long, how does it feel to comeback with a strong quali and race?

IT’S DEEECENT. Could never ask for anything else better qualifying p3 I knew it would be a good race for me starting far from all the carnage in the middle of the pack.

The setup used was a different one, emphasizing your cornering rather than straight line speed. Was this one of the factors that contributed to your Maidan win?

Definitely it played a strong role for my maiden win. Due to my major skill issues on controller I struggled with lower wing setups so (I) compromised to have higher downforce to maximize my speed through the final sector and the end of sector 1 to carry as much speed down the 3 straights, especially off the final corners.

To test these setups, how do you prepare for a league race?

So what I would normally do is begin testing setups in TT. Then once I’ve found one that feels decent, (I) begin testing in a practice lobby with the GOAT Kieran.

During a race, are you nervous or do you stay calm all the time?

Well who can really stay calm during that race, the last few laps of Australia were the worst for me being so close to a win and couldn’t let myself do a bottle job (Kai).

Tell us your strengths and the things you look to improve in racing.

Everything literally I’m still same old ASC who’s a magnet to the walls.

Can you show the rest of DTR how your racing room looks like?

Boss ya got a tv mounted on the wall with a ps4 hooked up to it that sounds like its gonna take off but we have a wheel on the way inshallah wallahi.

What are your goals for the upcoming season? Do you think you can challenge for top 3, maybe even the championship?

Maybe challenge for top 3 (in) the championship will be a push with the div 4 drivers this season with many talented drivers also pushing for the championship.

Finally, some words to summarize the race. And some words to your competitors for the upcoming season, starting off at Imola?

Well the race, pure carnage with that many DNFs. But all you have to do is say a cheeky inshallah and you may be like me a race winner. In Imola watch your mirrors into turn one for a Haas masterclass.

So with ASC crowned our Inaugural Driver of the week and now in the pool for the coveted Race of Champions seat, Race week is now around the corner heading to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Who will win the Driver of the Week this time, can ASC continue to impress or will someone else step up?

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