Back in Black. Driver of the Week Round 2.

Second week brought about a the same thrills, disappointments and energy that we come to expect for a DTR race week. This week held host to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix where drivers battled the tricky track through difficult conditions, pushing each car to their limits to ultimately come out victorious. This week came out to have a unique situation, with two drivers sharing the mantle of Driver of the Week with Division 2’s Bossmotz picking it up for the first time Back to Back winner ASC picking it up for a second week after gaining his first ever Grand Slam in Division 4. We sat down with ASC to get his views and impressions on the race.

Well, You’re back. Back to Back DOTD for you, How does it feel this week.

Feels better than last week knowing I can keep my win but I’m thankful to all those who have voted and supported me to win again.

It seems like the setup strategies seem to be working in your favour, how did this preparation differ from last week and what did you do to accomplish it.

I mainly was able to accomplish this with the help from foxblue, the go to lad for setups. He originally supplied me with a setup in which I began to test and came to the conclusion that I had major skill issue resulting in me slapping on the high down force wings which was the best idea with the rain coming to the climax of the race, allowing me to have an advantage to the other drivers.

Your Maidan win was taken after penalties, making this your first win. Is the feeling almost the same or is it almost expected after seeing your pace last week?

The feeling is better. Imagine having your maiden win taken away because of a penalty to coming back on a redemption arc with a grand slam absolutely with absolute domination.

P2 first race, P1 this race. Are you thinking now more that you’ll be in a Title fight? Who do you think your main competitors are?

These were 2 great finishes which will play a crucial role in the title fight against my main competitors Jens and Paqman, two wonderful drivers who I have a pleasure racing against.

Pole position, Fastest lap, Led every lap and won the race. Your first Grand Slam ever, must be a pretty sick feeling

It’s so surreal, couldn’t imagine for it to happen on any other track. I just felt one with the car so I knew it was gonna be a good race.

How did you determine the strategy from the change of Drys to Inters?

My race engineer Foxblue as well as the safety car aiding the change to the inters for the final stint

 Looking ahead at the calendar. What track are you most looking forward to?

Brazil. Always enjoyed the track but also maybe Singapore, I’ve always loved racing under the night lights through the city streets their especially with the different strategies to play with rain being on both tracks

Currently leading the championship and looking towards the future races, could you possibly think a Haas championship charge is also on the cards, especially if a team mate where to join you?

Oh definitely, Haas will dominate either way even if I don’t have a teammate. The drivers championship will be interesting.

Joint DOTW this week, do you plan to be here a lot more? How do manage to keep the consistency and not get too excited/carried away? 

I’ll try to, I will have to let other drivers win it cant dominate like Max Verstappen, hoping to see big boss man Kieran here soon.

With chef returning soon, do you see him as a Title contender, maybe a cheeky rivalry on track could brew with him and any other driver?

Not as much with his unknown race pace for me at the moment, just trying to focus on the battles with Jens and Paqman as I believe they’re my main rivals and maybe Sir MBB himself once he returns

Just some final thoughts on the race, and some words for your competitors ahead of these races.

Amazing race, couldn’t have done it without the help from Foxblue my coach and engineer basically keeping me focused throughout as well as Kai and Nathaniel helping with strategic calls. To end it off good luck lads its gonna be a close title fight.

A entertaining character on and off the track indeed, Unfortunately we couldn’t sit down with Bossmotz but we can look ahead to next weeks track, the Spanish Grand Prix. Who will prevail and who will call themselves DOTW next time?


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