Drive of the year? Driver of the Week Round 3

Races are quite simple on paper. A set amount of drivers line up on a grid after qualifying, they drive a set amount of laps within the lines and cross the line to finish, go home and everyone’s happy. Simple right? Wrong. Races are never quite what it is, that’s why people tune in. The Picture can only depict so much at a glance, is when you delve deeper at the details and delicate fine margins of what motorsport presents is where you can view the whole film. League racing is no different, and this weeks Driver of the Week not only passes the eye test, but brought one of the drives of the season in a Sergio Perez type drive from back of the grid to the top step on the podium. That is non other than DTR’s own Shaby2k, who after a qualifying ban from last race battled and gritted his way through the pack to end up at P1 after the chequered flag was waved. I got a chance to ask Shaby, A man of chill vibes and raw pace, some questions on the race, how he felt and what the future looks like.

So to start off, Just state your name, age and a little bout yourself

Hello, I’m Shaby2K and my real name is Akram. I am 23 years old and live in the Netherlands.

So, winning your first D1 race of the season. How would you sum up your feeling after that race?

There was no feeling to be honest, just chilling and continuing with life

After a Qualifying ban from the last race, how do you stay focused and recover to complete such a fantastic drive?

Well I started from the back of the grid and I just wanted to have some fun as I don’t practice anymore, but I quickly realized that I had a lot of pace. When the safety car came out I saw a chance so I took it.

Penalties helped you to push on to p1, do you think it was justified and did you think you deserved the win?

Yes on both questions. I was the quicker car and needed one more lap to get into drs.

How do you prepare for a D1 race, are you calm or do you feel a little nerves/anxious energy?

Calm, just before the race starts I start the game, go to time trial and choose a random setup and join the lobby

Looking where you are in the championship now, what are your aspirations from this season?

As long as I’m not last, I’m okay with anything

How long have you been racing for, what originally got you into sim racing and motorsport in general?

I have been league racing for 5 years now. I remember watching f1 as a little kid and since that day I got obsessed with it.

Looking forward to the race calendar, what track are you most looking forward to?

Monaco is not on the calendar so I guess Abu Dhabi, because the season will be over after that

What are your aspirations or this season, where do you think you’ll end up after the final race?

Top 10 seems reasonable. I don’t practice and not sure if I can make all races

What’s your favourite ever motorsport moment?

Jenson Button in Canada 2011. It shows no matter what happens to you in a race, it’s always possible and he did just that

A final statement for your competitors on the track for the upcoming races.

Please leave me some room when you get close to me, thank you


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