Driver of the week Round 4

Another exciting week brought about scenes this week in DTR. From unpredictable weather conditions to surprises up and down the divisions. Especially in Division 3, where Nrdy picked up his first Podium in the division after making the promotion from winning Division 4 last season. We asked him some questions to catch his thoughts on this race and the future of his season.

Name, age and a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jonny, I’m 33, I have a wife and 2 kids, one boy (5) and one girl (10). My main hobbies consist of the 3 Fs, Football, F1 and….. Fishing. I also am quite nerdy (hence the name) I play DnD, WoW and I’m currently very deep into the new Baldurs Gate 3, which is kind of like DnD but in computer game form.

What got you interested in Motorsport in the first place?

My Stepdad. He watched F1 while I was growing up, but my league racing didn’t begin until about 3 years ago during the Covid lockdown

How was your experience at a Grand prix like.

I will experience my first GP next weekend at Monza 😍😎

Favourite f1 momentΒ 

I don’t think i have a specific favourite moment, plenty of memorable moments that come to mind for different reasons though. The McLaren 1-2 on Monza in 2021. The chaotic start in Spa in ’09 (i think) Danny Ric winning in Monaco for red bull… things like that

Favourite team and current driver

McLaren and Lando

All time driver?

Michael Schumacher was amazing to watch, Danny Ricciardo is probably my favourite off track, funny guy

Whereabouts in the world do you come from?

Originally from a grubby little town in the Manchester area, but ive spent most of my life in North Wales

How do you prepare for a league race?

Its different for each track depending on how confident I am. The majority of the time it’s a few laps off Time Trial, maybe a YouTube video or 2

During a race, are you nervous or do you stay calm all the time?

Its a mix, during last season in D4 there were some nervy moments and some very high and some very low points. This season I’m fully aware I’m not fast enough to challenge so I’m a little calmer and I just race to aim for points

Tell us your strengths and the things you look to improve in racing.

My main strengths are I’m pretty clean, I’d rather back out that possibly ruin someone’s race too and I don’t get many track penalties either, so if I can stay in the pack, I have a good chance of finishing higher at the end.

Promoted into a new Division this season alongside last years title competitor Jago, What are the main differences between Division 4 and 3?

I was always near the top in d4, I’m not sure I finished outside the top 5 in the 3/4 seasons I spent there, although I squeezed a podium in a wet Austria, its not going to be a regular occurrence in D3 so now I’m fighting for points rather than fighting for podiums.

Teaming up with Jago this season, what are your expectations with him and how is it going from competitors to teammates?Β 

Well… he has to start turning up first πŸ˜πŸ˜… but it’s fun, we have a little voice chat on while I stream the races too. So far this season though, when we’ve both raced, only one of us has had a good race so there’s been little need for strategy or team orders being discussed


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