Delta’s Driver Trivia #1: Wesley

Two days ago I conducted an interview with a well-known character in the DTR seen: Wesley. Wesley is a friend of many of us and I thought it would be fitting to do this interview ahead of the first round in the ACC championship tomorrow (and yes it will be live-streamed!)

Wesley, where are you from and what is your age?

I’m from the Netherlands and I’m 22 years old.

What’s you real-life job?

I work full-time as an accountant.

Do you have any hobbies, aside from sim racing?

I like watching movies/series on Netflix.

How did you get in simracing?

Around 2018 I started searching for a racing league on Google.

How did you come up with your preffered racing number?

My preferred number is 99 because I was born in 1999. since 99 is not allowed, I drive with 46. Which is 14+4+1+9+9+9, my birthdate.

How do you usually prepare for a league race?

I usually start off with TT and then practice qually and race strategies in lobbies with other drivers from my class.

Who would you called your (current) most fierced rival?

It has to be VER_Missil, because we are involved in a heavy battle for the championship in Class B.

What track do you like the most, and why?

Mexico, I really liked it from the moment it came on the calendar. The flow of the track really suits me for some reason.

Other way, what track do you dislike?

Monaco, it is really like driving a bike in a living room.

What was the last irl GP you have been to?

Hockenheim (Germany) in 2016.

Who’s your favorite driver irl and why?

Max Verstappen, because he’s Dutch and he’s shown great things already.

Who do you think will be this year’s F1 champion?

Max Verstappen

Now, some questions about ACC: What are your expectations coming into this season?

To win both the drivers and constructors championship.

Who do you consider your biggest rival(s) coming into this season?

UchihaBruma and Brent.

And finally, you can name the next driver for the next interview. Who do you pick?


A big thank you to Wesley for the interview, we wish him good luck for the ACC championship!

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