Driver Of The Week – Round 4

Round 4 took us to Austria where we had our first sprint race of the season. It’s been an eventful week with nerve-racking races across all divisions, but there can only be one Driver Of The Week.

After an exciting race in Division 5, we congratulate KaSeL9992 for being voted Driver Of The Week by the DTR community. He found some time to talk us through his race and what he has in mind for the remainder of the season:

KaSeL9992, congratulations for being voted as “Driver Of The Week” for round 4!
It has been your 36th race and now you finally won a race. How happy are you with it?

I feel relieved tbh I knew it would happen sooner or later, in Spain for example I had the pace and worked my way from P10 to P3 but spun during the SC restart I hope this win is going to be a boost for the rest of the season.

You didn’t have the best starting position, starting in P17 and finishing the sprint race in P9. How did you pull off the victory? Talk us through your qualifying, sprint race and full race.

Actually I had a qualifying ban because I retired in the pit during the last race in Miami, I opted for an aggressive strategy in the sprint race, my main goal was to gain as many positions as possible. The consistency and a bit of gamble helped me to secure the win because some chosed to pit for softs but I decided to stay out with my worn mediums.

Races can get very hectic and everything can happen. Do you usually stay calm during races or does the pressure get to you every now and then?

It depends but usually I’m calm and don’t overreact as I know everything can happen even in the dying moments of a race.

Since when are you doing league / sim racing?

I really started league racing on F1 2019, I remember my first races alongside Bogaroski, NellBoy, Lil Mikey, we had some great fights during the Asia Cup.

You didn’t had the best season in your first three races. What do you expect from the remainder of the season? Did your targets grow now after this win?

Yeah my goal is to be at least in the top 3 at the end of the season, I might not have a Qualy pace (and never had lol) but I truly think that my race pace on this game is really good.

What do you do in your leisure time besides driving in F1?

I’m a part-time worker in an refugees accommodation and play regularly football (2/3 training sessions per week and a league game during the weekend), I also read a lot of Sci-Fi, Mangas and some comics.

Thank you very much for your time, KaSeL9992 and good luck for your next races.
Round 5 will take us to the Temple Of Speed in Monza and we can’t wait to see the cars on track again!


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