Driver Of The Week – Round 5

For round 5 of the season we went to Monza, the Temple Of Speed. This classic track, which is on the calender since 1950, was the avenue of some eventful races in Delta T Racing.

Finnish driver Tikkuhd was the one who stood out the most with earning a podium after starting from P16 and became Driver Of The Week. Here what he had to say about it:

Tikkuhd, congratulations for being voted as “Driver Of The Week” for round 5!
You didn’t have the best starting position, qualifying in P16 and managed to get on the podium. Talk us through your qualifying and your race.

There is not much to talk about Qualifying since I had a quali ban. The race was pretty simple, having a good start and gaining some positions, then just keeping the pace up with the Alpines. Nice battling here and there, but the crash between the leaders gave me the podium.

Races can get very hectic and everything can happen. Do you usually stay calm during races or does the pressure get to you every now and then?

I usually don’t let any pressure get to me. I just make stupid mistakes by not paying enough attention.

You are quite an experienced driver with over 60 races and one team championship on your stats. Since when are you doing league / sim racing?

I started league racing when I got my wheel about the time when F1 2020 came out.

What do you expect from the remainder of the season? Did your targets grow now after this podium?

I expect myself to be fighting in the front again. My target is still the Championship. But after my horrible start of the season, it’ll be much harder to achieve.

What do you do in your leisure time besides driving in F1?

Nothing special. General hanging out with the boys, watch WRC and play rallying games and sometimes I torture myself with CS:GO.

Tikkuhd, thank you very much for your time and we wish you all the best for your upcoming races.

Don’t miss out our next race before a the short break. We are heading to Silverstone for round 6!


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