Driver Of The Week – Round 3

After 57 races in DTR he finally got his long awaited first victory during an eventful race around the Miami International Autodrome and he got voted as the Driver Of The Week for round 3. Ladies and Gentlemen.. it is DTR_NellBoy! See what he has told us after his first win and what he has in mind for the rest of the season:

NellBoy, congratulations for being voted as “Driver Of The Week” for round 3!
It has been your 57th race and now you finally won a race. How happy are you with it?

Over the moon would be an understatement. I’ve come close before and missed out through mistakes, or for the “greater good of the team”, so it’s nice and a relief to finally reach the top step.

Qualifying in P6, you didn’t have the best chances to win that race. What was the key for your win. Talk us a bit through the race.

I had good pace, but messed up my final runs in quali, so P6 wasn’t too bad. Early on I kept at the back of the lead pack, saving ERS and had good luck in a virtual safety car coming just before the final corner, bang on pitstop time. The Full safety cars however, were not as kind, closing the gap I had made before a great call from Lil_Mikey for me to go to inters early really paid off and I just managed to pip Ryan to the lead when he stopped under the final safety car a few laps later. With legs like jelly, I managed to keep Ryan behind in the wet and take the win. Some great battles with Ryan, Brandonn, Dopey and Hayward though during the race.

Races can get very hectic and everything can happen. Do you usually stay calm during races or does the pressure get to you every now and then?

I do normally stay fairly calm during the race and try to look at strategy gains rather than outright overtakes, but the pressure does get to me on occasions. I have been known to storm off and kick the cat (joke) when things go badly (just ask my Chat group).

As we mentioned earlier, you did your 57th race in DTR. Since when are you doing league / sim racing?

I started League Racing in May 2020 during COVID lockdown as before had only ever raced against AI and my son persuaded me to give online a try. I quickly found open lobbies were not for me, so looked at alternatives and found a league. I have played Racing games since time began. I think F1 on the Amiga in 1991, yes 1991, was the first one I played. So about 31 years 😊 I hope many more to come.

After 3 races you are in P3 in the driver standings with a DNF, a P2 and your win in Miami. What do you expect from the rest of the season? Do you have any targets?

My season’s goal was to be in the top 5 and I don’t think that has changed. RacingRyan, Brandonn, J_Hayward, Dopeyman, Jens, Jordan, Mikey and so many others are more than capable of winning races in this division, so consistency will be key. I just want to have fun and enjoy this competitive racing, then what will be, will be.

You are very much involved behind the scenes. Tell us a bit about your work within DTR and what do you like to do in your leisure time.

Bogarovski invited me to the DTR family, and it is not a decision I needed to think about. Bog is the heart and brain of DTR, surrounded by great support staff and what needs to get done, we get done as a team.Very lucky to call him a friend as well as associate and teammate. I am heavily involved with the graphics side of DTR, along with the Statbot and StewardBot. I am basically 1 cog in a well-oiled machine that is Delta T Racing and we make sure that everything is covered. I don’t have too much spare time with my business and DTR, but when I do, I like a nice walk along the seafront or watch sport on tv. Nothing too strenuous.

NellBoy, it was a pleasure talking to you. Thank you very much for your time and we can’t wait to see you back on track for round 4 in Austria. All the best!


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