Driver Of The Week – Round 2

After Bogarovski got the first DOTW award it is stenDENseje who was voted “Driver Of The Week” after an impressive P3 in Spain. The 21 years old danish driver has spoken with us about his exciting race in Division 1 and how he copes with pressure during races.

stenDENseje, congratulations for being voted as “Driver Of The Week” for round 2!
You didn’t have the best of qualifying as you crashed your Alfa Romeo at your first hotlap attempt. What was going through your mind at this stage?

I was kinda shocked that I had so low grip. I got a little snapper but overcorrected way to much which ended my quali.

After the shock in qualifying, you recovered pretty well ending up in P3 during the wet race in Spain. Talk us a bit through your race.

I selected a wet setup and knew that I had the pace in the wet. So just had so keep my focus and find my rhythm fast, which is what I did. I sometimes just find another gear in the wets but nevertheless I felt very confident in the car.

Races can get very hectic and everything can happen. Do you usually stay calm during races or does the pressure get to you every now and then?

Normally I would say I cope good with pressure. Because of my poor quali I knew that there was no pressure on me, so I could almost drive freely and just have fun. Occasionally I feel the pressure if I don’t feel confident in the car.

This was your second race for DTR but you definitely didn’t race for the second time in your life. Since when are you doing league / sim racing?

I started my league racing journey for about 1,5 years ago with SRL but I have been racing for a long period of time just not in leagues.

After a DNF in round 1 and a 3rd place in round 2, what is your target for the remainder of this season in Division 1?

Honestly just to have fun and being pushed to the absolute limit. The pace in this league is very very high so I like the challenge to really focus against these great drivers. Depending on the track I can challenge for podiums and maybe one day a win if everything falls my way.

Now, having talked about your racing life, what about your personal life: Do you have other hobbies besides league racing?

Yes I play football, not on a very high level but I really enjoy playing it. And other than that I got to nightclubs occasionally and just in general hang out with the boys.

stenDENseje, thank you very much for taking the time for the interview. We wish you all the best for the future and good luck in Miami in round 3.


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