F1 Season 4 Preview – Division 2

Division 2 is almost underway for another exciting season in DTR. The grid in season 4 offers an extraordinary amount of experienced racers combined with some of the fastest drivers we have in DTR, so you can look forward for some exhilarating races. 

Last years constructors champions Mercedes will hope to repeat their success from season 3 with their new driver lineup, Tikkuhd and Invisible171015. Both are highly regarded drivers in DTR, who could challenge for that drivers championship. Alpha Tauri is going to be one of the main title rivals for the silver arrows, with Tencaate and DonkeyDaan, both former D1 reserve drivers, lining up for the Redbull junior team. Speaking of Redbull, their lineup of AlexK_2020 and Gangstergeep_, who was promoted from D3 after a fantastic season 3, could be a surprise for many, so watch out for the Red Bull team, who has brought up many young talents in real life. Last seasons runners up, Aston Martin, will have 2 rookies in their lineup, with Jam1eAG and Bowenes05 racing for the green outfit. Although we don‘t know how good their pace and racecraft will be, it‘s always exciting to welcome new rookies into our field of competitive racers. Haas is going into season 4 with 2 rookies as well, with HttpPyro and i5hter_ driving for the american team. Only time will tell how good those rookie teams will be. Haas‘ engine supplier Ferrari on the other hand have signed 2 experienced D2 drivers in Quina_11 and Famrodpri. Although being fast, both drivers are known to DNF a lot from last season, so they‘ll have to change something to be in the shot of a title challenge. The other Ferrari team, the beautiful cars of Alfa Romeo, will be driven by DRA_jeffrey and BLU___20. Those 2 drivers could be a serious threat for the main title rivals, alongside Mclaren, who bring in 2 champions from last season. Wazza_no7 and Gooner18 will be going into season 4 as D4 and D5 champions, so there is no deniying in those 2 drivers having the speed and consistency to challenge for both the drivers and constructors title. The final Mercedes powered team, Williams, has got 2 former drivers from D3 driving their car. Abrasive152event and Nexton_21 have been teammates in Season 3, finishing 3rd in the constructors for Haas. Both drivers will be looking to better that position in Season 4. Last but not least we have Alpine. The french outfit has 2 of the main title protagonists in their squad, with Lansiee23 and MichalTyb3 trying to challenge Mercedes and Alpha Tauri with their speed and consistency over the course of the season.

And there we have it, 10 team, 20 very fast drivers challenging for the title in division 2. All the be best luck to everyone competing in D2, may the best driver win!

Tune in every wednesday, starting on the 4th of august at 8pm UK time on our official DTR Youtube channel!

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