F1 Season 4 Preview – Division 6

Season 4 is right around the corner and everyone is getting prepared to find there pace with the new F1 cars. Allthough division 6 is the lowest division of DTR, it isn’t the lowest in terms of pace and racecraft by any means.

This seasons grid offers an extraordinary amount of experienced drivers combined with some new entries who already showed their pace in pre-season testing.

Consistency and minimizing mistakes will be key this season, so the highly experienced dutch drivers of Ferrari with Composite6956 and Skipper-0333 are worth a look competing against the Ferrari-engined Alfa Romeo austrian youngguns of Darknobert3 and Scheiber17.

Alpine and Aston Martin trusting their youth system and rely on rookies with Mawk_1 / Mrdelija and respectively Ferrytale / Kzngll, who are going to try to impress right away at the season start in Australia.

Red Bull focused on an english-dutch driver pairing on their main team and their daughter team AlphaTauri with Ralphalbers / Whiteout_Rl and Chefjaybee / NrdyAverageGamer taking the respective seats this season.

Another austrian pairing will compete for the american team Haas, as BVBaldi and Peet_der_pirat are going to try to improve there consistency and fight for points.

McLaren drivers FrischGezapftes from Germany and rookie Nightly-wig_3764 from the Czech Republic have to come to grips very soon to challenge for points as Mercedes trust the english pairing of Jalapeno__pepper and ASC90906 with their daughter team Williams giving the seats to Dubble79 from England and Krznicov from Brazil.

Milodeheld, trenki_1496 and Drscenic-kitchen will stay alert for any absences as they go into the season as reserve drivers.

This season is very unpredictable, but we will keep an close eye on NrdyAverageGamer and Ralphalbers as they looked pretty strong and if they find a good form right at the start of the season, they will be in contention for an extremely exciting championship fight.

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