F1 Season 2 predictions – Division 2

Our second division will race on Wednesday this season, just like our 4th division. Let’s have a look at who’s on the grid:

Let’s do this one alphabetically.

Alfa Romeo:

The Swiss-italian team has signed two very promising drivers. New Zealand’s Beattienutz and Ireland’s Eoindunne. For those not knowing how to pronounce that, it’s Owen. Both raced in Class D last season and the Kiwi won that season while Eoin was second in the standings, both quite clear of the rest of the field. It showed they have the ability to race in higher divisions, so here they are, two crown princes of DTR. What will they do in this season? Their pace is probably good enough for high scoring finishes, possibly podiums even. Question is, will they be able to stay out of trouble? If they can, they can be a strong team fighting for constructors.


The Italian squad known for hiring young unproven talents have done so again, they have a line up of H20Spectre and KnowCorbs, an Irish / English combination. Both are new to DTR, but showed a very good pace in their rookie races which got them a seat in the second division. Hard to tell what to expect from these two drivers in their debut season, but the team bosses hope to see them move up to the front of the grid throughout the season. If you ask the drivers themselves, they’d like to be there right away.


The French squad has a strong line up with Spanish driver Famrodpri and Czech Petr Vole. Both competed on the highest level last season, so they have the experience and speed. Famrodpri nearly won the Belgian GP in Class A, which shows he can beat anyone on a good day. If they can score consistently they’ll be a top three team.

Aston Martin:

The Finnish / Cameroonian duo of Tikkuhd and Kasel. Both drivers were in last season’s Class A and got loads of experience in simracing. They have been teammates for several seasons and know how to score. That is podiums and race wins. They’re biggest challenge will be to stay on track and out of trouble and in Kasel’s case to be in time for the race. They’ll have their good and bad moments and they’ll surely pick up a few podiums here and there.


Nexton and AbrasiveEvent are both Hungarian drivers that showed last season they’ve got pace, but scoring consistent points was not easy in that strong field. They’ve got more experience now and some strong drivers moved up to Division 1, which may open up more chances for these youngsters.


Plebmaster and Strikezone are two English young drivers who will make their debut at DTR. They did well in the rookie races and preseason, but can they convert that into big points in this strong division? Especially for Plebmaster expectations are high as he’s shown some amazing pace so far.


Mbennyd and SammieJansen. Benny is one two Scottish drivers in this division. Last season he had his good and bad days, were he could be near the podium when it all came together, but was mostly fighting to gather a point or two. Sammie will make his debut at DTR. The Dutch driver is young, quick and keeps improving each race and if he keeps doing that he may show some great things on track.

The Brackley based team has a line up of Just_a_milk from Hungary and timotejrodosek-t from Slovenia. Try to pronounce that at once as a commentator! A young and talented team that will score points regularly and may surprise some races with an occasional podium.

Red Bull:

The second Scot in this division is Multirabc. The Scotsman is more than just a good driver, he’s a pretty good commentator too, although at times you may need to listen very carefully if you’re not used to a proper Scottish accent. On track he’s quick. Had a tough first season in the highest division, but still showed very good pace. If he can stay out of trouble he’s going to do very well in this division. His team mate is XD_Verstappen who was crowned as most improved driver last season. The Dutch driver seems to be getting quicker and better every day. Went from rookie, to back of the grid in Class C, to winning races. If he can keep his development at this pace he’ll be feared on the grid.

Last but not least, dutch duo Donkeydaan and tencaate. Both are quick. No, I mean unbelievably quick. Combine that with their experience and they are the clear favorites for the title. Both titles that is. 

Title candidates:


Right behind them:

Famrodpri, Beattienutz, XD_Verstappen, Eoindunne, Multirabc, Plebmaster

Constructors favorites:

Alfa Romeo

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