F1 Season 2 Predictions – Division 1

Division 1

Our highest division moved from Monday to Tuesday and has a finger licking tasty lineup. Let’s have a look and walk through all the teams before making any predictions.

We’ve got defending champion Shaby2K teaming up with Class B champion Wesley at Alfa Romeo. Not only are they insanely fast, on race tactics they’re both among the best as well. No need for Jeff here. Last season’s number 3 Brent is teaming up at Red Bull with iiBbEeNnii, a quick driver that happens to be an awesome commentator and YouTube content creator as well. Blaackmamba and UchihaBruma will be driving for Williams. This Austrian-Nigerian-Swiss-Brazilian combination will give you a mix of all, from brilliant performances, dazzling overtakes, to crashes and knowing them, unlucky moments. At McLaren we have a very strong duo with Michael, last season’s number 3 in Class B and probably one of the quickest drivers in DTR and GChalkerz, who was fourth in Class B and winner of the constructors title. This combination will be a force to be reckoned with, in both championships. Mercedes has a line up Bossmotz and Jari. Another team with very quick drivers that could do well in both championships as Jari knows how to bring home a title.

AlphaTauri is known for having young unproven talent in their line up, well that’s exactly what they have now with Leroy and Chronicalblitzz. Both showed promising speed and races at the end of last season and if they manage to keep improving they could get some nice results. At Haas J-Orro and Clarkey are the ones to bring home the points and they surely will, both are experienced and they will probably score quite a few top 5 finishes and a few podiums. Aston Martin has Invisible and Stijn. A combination of German excellence and a young Dutch talent. Invisible showed during the last races of season 1 that he can fight with the best and even won at Brazil. Consistency will be key for him, but on a good day he’ll be scoring podiums, while his teammate is not afraid to fight anyone on track and just keeps improving. The French Alpine team has an interesting driver combination, Dutch driver SvanHorzen and SadioMano. The first had a strong finish at the end of season 1 and showed he can race with the quickest, while rookie Sadio from Belgium showed in preseason he could fight for race wins. At Ferrari we have a duo of two other Belgian drivers, Arno and Ruben, both showed amazing speed and if they can continue to show that they could finish very high in the championship. Last but not least, Manor is lining up two veterans, named Prinskiller and Jeroen. The first is a quick experienced driver with race wins and championships under his belt. It will be tough to win in this strong field, but don’t be surprised if he takes home a few trophies this season. His teammate however, is more famous for other things, although he can be lightning quick on a good day and beat anyone, but does the term “being Jeroen’ed” say anything to you? Well if you don’t just ask drivers like Wesley what that feels like.

Now then on to my predictions:

Fighting for the drivers title, in any order:


After those guys there’s a big group of drivers that can fight for occasional wins and podiums, like:

Wesley, Bruma, Blaackmamba, Invisible, GChalkerz, Bossmotz, Brent, iiBbEeNnii, Prins and possibly many more as i think this is a very stacked field where with a bit of luck anyone can be on the podium.

The teams that i expect to be fighting for the constructor’s title:

Alfa Romeo

And maybe Williams if they can keep the bad luck factor on a low level.

Those are my predictions, let me know in the comments if you agree or not or if you think someone else will win it.

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