Meet The Driver – Part 4

In part 4 of this series we had a chat with the team mate of GChalkers, Scottish driver LTrocker.


Let’s start with your name first, how did you get to this username?

So initially my name was said as LT rocker because LT are my initials, Logan Thorburn, and when I was growing up I watched Shawn Michael’s and he was part of a team called The Rockers so I thought it was cool when I was like 8. Then I did my first league race and the commentator said L Trocker and I kinda liked it so now it’s L Trocker.

How did you get to your driver number?

Pretty simple, I use 27 because I was born on the 27th of August 

A little more personal info about you, how old are you and where do you live?

My name is Logan Thorburn as stated previously, I’m 16 years old and I live in a small town in the west of Scotland called Castle Douglas

What do you do in life? Work, study or something else

I have a part time job in a greengrocers and I’m still at school studying Maths, Geography, Physics, French and Graphics.

About the racing, what are your expectations for this season?

I’m very new here after only doing Brazil last season and then having an abysmal time in pre-season. In Jeddah I looked quick so maybe a top 5 in championship is possible but I don’t really know at this stage however I would like to challenge for the constructors title with Chalkers because I think we have the pace to do it.

You scored a podium in your first race of the season, do you think you can repeat that in Bahrain?

Jari is a ridiculously quick driver so P2 is probably the maximum I can do. Never been particularly great at Bahrain on past games but I hope to have a good fight with Prins and shaby again for the podium.

Who do you think are the biggest candidates for the title?

Well Jari looks like the favourite at this moment. Maybe Prins and myself are an outside chance depending on how consistent Jari is.

Where do you see yourself in the rankings at the end of the season?

I’m thinking realistically top 5 but I’m going for top 3 and obviously I want to be champion but might be slightly out of reach just now.

How do you prepare for a league race?

Depending on how much time I have I usually hop on time trials for an hour or so get a good setup and a feel for the track. If I have the time I try and do 3 or 4 quali sessions and a 50% race or 2.

How did you get into sim racing? And for how long have you been sim racing?

One of my friends joined a league and I thought that looks fun so I got myself involved. I have now been league racing for just over a year.

As a Division 1 driver you are clearly among the faster guys in the league. What makes you so quick?

Practice, time and patience. Take the time to learn about the car you are driving and the circuit you are at and just test the limits.

What other games do you like to play?


WWE 2K22


FARMING SIMULATOR from time to time and I’d like to get the new motogp game at some point.

What was your first console?


What was your first F1 game?

F1 2009

About real racing, what was the first F1 Grand Prix you watched?

Bahrain 2010 however the first race I properly remember is Canada 2011 because I was only 4 or 5 when I started watching the sport.

Have you ever been to a Formula 1 Grand Prix? When and where if so and what is possibly the next one you will visit?

Sadly never been to a race before but I’m heading to Silverstone this year. I also went to silverstone in 2015 to watch the motogp which was amazing.

Who is or are your favourite drivers?

Charles Leclerc

Do you also follow other series?

I watch F2 and F3 but outside of F1 I watch motogp and thats about it.

Back to you on the sim. How do you race? And can you share a picture of how your setup looks?

Please ignore the mess.


We learned that Shaby loves sushi, what’s your favourite food?

I’m a bit basic, I love a macaroni cheese or a butter chicken curry and chips.

Another thing about you, what’s your favourite movie?

I dont tend to watch a lot of movies but I did enjoy Rush, Happy Gilmour, Avengers infinity war, but I personal favourite is Thor Ragnorak

Anything you would like to add?

Curry is better with chips than rice

For anyone who has no idea about who Shawn Michaels is, he’s a hall of famer wrestler from the WWE, also known the The Heartbreak Kid. One of the best wrestlers and entertainers of all time.


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