Meet The Driver – Part 7

In episode 7 we were able to have a chat with another Dutch driver, Justin. He’s been driving with us for quite a few years now and has won his fair share of races. A very good tactician and rain driver and also a pretty good commentator. You may know him as DTR_Prins.

Let’s start with your name first, how did you get to this username?

Well Prins is my surname, hence why my username is DTR_Prins

How did you get to your driver number?

(69) Ehm it’s complicated 😉

A little more personal info about you, how old are you and where do you live?

I am 23 years old and I live in Amersfoort. An average sized city in exactly in the middle of the Netherlands.

What do you do in life? Work, study or something else

I am currently studying Communication and multimedia design at the university in Amsterdam. As a side job I’m a supervisor at a store.

Who do you think are the biggest candidates for the title?

Well I think Jari is the fastest out there. Without any crazy things happening he will win the title. I guess for 2nd place it will be between Chalkerz, Trocker, Shaby and me.

Where do you see yourself and the team end up in the championship?

I hope I can at least be in the top 3 of the championship but it will be tough. For the constructors I hope we will get at least top 5 in the standings.

How do you prepare for a league race?

Depends on how much time I have and when I get home for school. Usually I do half an hour of TT before the race. When I have more time available like the last 3 races, I do 2 hours of practice before the race. Starting with 5 laps of TT and then I usually get invited by Invisible or Blackmamba for a practice lobby.

How did you get into sim racing? And for how long have you been sim racing?

I started in 2018 got dropped in the highest category of the league I can’t mention. Drove without any assist and became last in every race 🙂

What other games do you like to play?

Gran turismo 7

What was your first console?

Nintendo Gamecube

What was your first F1 game?

F1 2016

About real racing, what was the first F1 Grand Prix you watched?

I can’t remember which year I was very young. It was either 2005 or 2006. All I know is that I always wanted the blue and yellow renaults to win.

Have you ever been to a Formula 1 Grand Prix? When and where if so and what is possibly the next one you will visit?

Not yet, but I bought 3 day tickets for this year’s Hungarian Grand prix. I will be sitting on the main straight.

Who is or are your favourite drivers? And where do you think he or they will end up this season?

Verstappen, Alonso and Sainz.

Max will win the title and RB will bounce back.

Sainz 3rd and Alonso 7th.

Do you also follow other series?

I watch all Formula 2 and Indycar races, and sometimes I watch F3, MotoGp and Nascar.

And finally, back to you on the sim. How do you race? And can you share a picture of how your setup looks?

We’ve learned about other drivers’ favourite food, what’s yours?

Bbq ribs or a poke bowl.

Anything you would like to add?

This is a great league, thanks for having me in it!

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