Meet The Driver – Part 9

In this episode we had a chat with the team mate of Jari at Alfa Romeo and one of many Austrian drivers at DTR, it’s Marcel_U_95.

Welcome Marcel_U_95!

Let’s start with your name first, how did you get to this username?

Easy, it’s my first name paired with the beginning of my last name. 

How did you get to your driver number?

Random decision tbh. 

A little more personal info about you, how old are you and where do you live?

26 and Vienna, Austria

What do you do in life? Work, study or something else

Was studying at WU and since I got my degree I am a Financial analyst working at a startup to decrease investment costs.

Who do you think are the biggest candidates for the title?

Well Jari is the fastest guy and he’s getting more and more consistent. Plus he’s my teammate

Where do you see yourself and the team end up in the championship?

My races so far were underwhelming and I even missed some at the start. I see myself between p5-p7 over the long run. 

How do you prepare for a league race?

Depends on the time at hand. If I can fully prepare, I will try to get my tt time within the top 300. Then I’ll do one 50% race in gp mode where I try a last to first. 

How did you get into sim racing? And for how long have you been sim racing?

I am actually really new to this. Just started in November and I’d say I am still a rookie. 

What other games do you like to play?

At the moment I am not really playing anything else due to a busy real life.

What was your first console?

I owned a ps1 but never really played on it. Ps2 is where I really startet, but I also enjoyed pc-games and mmorpg’s when I was younger

What was your first F1 game?


About real racing, what was the first F1 Grand Prix you watched?

I still remember the strong ferrari day around 2003-2004, but don’t know what track was the first.

Have you ever been to a Formula 1 Grand Prix? When and where if so and what is possibly the next one you will visit?

Yes, my first one was Hungary when I was probably around 13-14. I’ll be at Paul Ricard this summer as I managed to fit it into my summer vacation 🙂

Who is or are your favourite drivers? And where do you think he or they will end up this season?

Sadly, Dani Ric. Mclaren seems to get stronger so anything better than p6 would be nice. Hope they can challenge Red Bull and Ferrari soon. Since I am Austrian I also support Red bull. 

Do you also follow other series?

Not really. Well esports if it counts. 

And finally, back to you on the sim. How do you race? And can you share a picture of how your setup looks?

Playing on a ps4 with controller, so nothing noteworthy.

We’ve learned about other drivers’ favourite food, what’s yours?

Even though I try to manage my meat intake, a good steak (rib-eye) will probably always be my favourite food.

Anything you would like to add?

Just glad to have found such a nice community and league  at the beginning of my e-racing journey!

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