Round 1 Review (S9)

Division 1

Wednesday night the division 1 drivers kicked off the season at Bahrain.
Qualifying started poorly for Greek driver Athanasiou as he had connection issues and an early crash preventing him from setting a time at all. That meant a last row starting position together with Nellboy who opted to not set a time, helping him stay out of trouble at the start.
The battle for pole seemed to be a fight between newcomer Lebedev, Maridako and Evan, last season’s champion. It was Maridako with a sensational lap who took pole.
In the race however his start wasn’t great, dropping a few positions and this seemed to continue during the race as he spun a few times and eventually even crashing out.
For the majority of the race it was a two horse race between Lebedev and Evan with the constantly changing position and giving the viewers a great show. Behind them there was a big group of drivers fighting for the remaining podium position, where eventually Nellboy and last season’s Division 3 champion Benibunno were able to break away from the pack.
When Maridako crashed and a safety car came out, it brought everyone back together and with Evan choosing to pit again to go for mediums, it changed to front order too.
After the restart we saw Estonian driver Lebedev taking the lead, but good old Benibunno keep hanging on and gave him a great fight for the win, but couldn’t pass Lebedev. Behind them Nellboy and Evan fought for 3rd, but unfortunately a last lap incident between the two ended the race for Nellboy.
That meant that Relliott was able to finish in 4th followed by Hammers who had a phenomenal comeback after a lap 1 incident.

Division 2

With last season’s champion Benibunno moving up a division the title is up for grabs.
A close qualifying session in the season opener resulted in a somewhat surprising pole position for brother_adam, who hopes to bounce back from a disastrous season where everything went wrong weekly and that when a season before he just barely missed out on the title. He shared the front row with Bogarovski, who managed to out qualify his teammate Hammers, who set the third time. Both are driving for McLaren this season and will try to defend their constructors title. The fourth time was set by Bobspun who is also a strong candidate for the championship.
The start of the race resulted in a deja vu for Adam, who once again was in trouble at turn 1. This time a collision with Bogarovski resulted in a massive pile up with both drivers falling down to the back of the grid while starting front row. While Bobspun and a few more were also effected by the crash, some other benefited majorly, as we saw Scully on a podium position early on. A nosebleed of being so high up resulted into a mistake for him that caused a safety car in lap 5, that helped some drivers to close the gap to the front and those who were in trouble early on saw their chances improve because of it.
As the race evolved both front row drivers brother Adam and Bogarovski fought their way back to the front of the grid while having some good battles with Ralph, Manlikedonkey and Rycka. When the McLaren drivers went for their second pit stop Adam decided to stay out and took the lead of the race due to it. Unfortunately for him his tyres got worse and worse what made him an easy prey for Hammers, who was faultless all race and took his first win of the season. Adam just managed to hold to 2nd just ahead of Bogarovski.
A last lap crash of Manlikedonkey moved several drivers up, with Rycka finishing in 4th, ahead of Ralph and Connor.
Oh and Scully? He managed to finish just outside the points in 11th.

Next week we race at Melbourne, Australia

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